J.J. Stewart Root Beer A Little History in Each Bottle! Cavendish, Prince Edward Island
The Tantilizing Taste of J.J. Stewart Root Beer - Cavendish, Prince Edward Island

J.J. Stewart owned and operated J.J. Stewart’s General Merchant Store in the
early 1900’s in rural Prince Edward Island.

Root Beer was a favourite beverage on a hot summer day.


J.J. Stewart’s adventurous exploits in the glory days of gold prospecting, led him to Western U.S. and gained him the nickname of “Utah Jack.” Upon returning to his native Prince Edward Island, he began his business under the name of J.J. Stewart General Merchant where rootbeer was the thirst quencher of the day. While the old mining camps are long gone, the spirit of “Utah Jack” lives on as a family icon with the crafting of our olde fashioned Rootbeer on Prince Edward Island.

It’s much more than a soft drink – it’s an experience filled with memories and amazing Island taste. You’ll swear you’ve hit the mother lode, striking it rich with its ice cold creamy flavour. Discover the “Utah Jack” in you and experience the real taste of a freshly brewed J.J. Stewart Rootbeer. This icy cold soda flavour is all about the memory of having fun with your family and friends while treating you to the honest-to-goodness taste of Root Beer.

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